Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Okay, this will be picture heavy! I am plugging along on the sweater that needs to be done for my daughters birthday in 2 weeks. I made a rookie mistake and am making a sweater on a size 3 needle. I am bored out of my mind doing what seems like miles of stockinette. I was excited about this pattern, because it is knit in one piece, so I could avoid some seaming. I would give anything for seaming at this point!! Here is the sweater so far:

Here are a couple of baby gifts I did this week. Both were really quick and I love the result. I think this might be my new standard baby shower gift!

Last but not least Anouk. I am grounded from working on it right now (I HAVE to finish that sweater) but I think it will be a quick knit. This is from when I cast on.


Valerie said...

The appliqued bear and bunny are so very sweet!

I know just what you mean about giving anything for seams at this point of your baby sweater. Hang in there, those sleeves will be over soon. You can do it!

The colors of Anouk are so rich. How can you keep your hands off them?

Nicole said...

It is SOOOO hard to leave Anouk alone! However, since I definitly play favorites i have to be firm or I will NEVER finish that boring sweater! LOL

Marly said...

Totally love the color of the sweater! And the Appliqu├ęd animals make the whole thing!

Good Work!


I am trying despretely to finish some socks so I can start on something, anything else!

Kristen said...

I love the aplique baby sets...and the boring sweater might be boring, but it looks great too!