Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finally Started

Hi Everyone! I finally started by Pea Pod sweater this week. Check out the progress:

I really like this pattern, although it is a challenge to keep track of where I'm working on the chart, and at the same time track my rows for button holes. It's nice that the lace pattern is only over 15 stitches, so I only really need to concentrate for a few minutes on each row. I love the Knit Picks Shine Sport, and the way it knits up. The stitch definition is pretty nice, and the yarn is so soft. I am beginning to worry about the color though. Do you think it's too girly if the baby turns out to be a nephew instead of a niece? I'd love to get some input. My husband has not been helpful in trying to decide.


Jean said...

I think it's a great, versatile color. You can make it more feminine or masculine depending on the buttons you choose. I used a post-it note to keep track of the lace pattern. Use the post-it to cover the rows of lace you have not yet worked leaving the row you're on and the ones you've already done below the post-it. I'm not sure I can consicely explain why this worked better for me (as opposed to the post-it covering what you've already done), but it really helped. You can also write on the post-it how many lace repeats you've done. I used a removable stitch marker to help me keep track of button holes. The kind of stitch marker you can pin right on the knit fabric. I pinned it on the button hole row. It made it easier for me to count up the rows than trying to count up from the hole itself. I hope this helps! The sweater looks wonderful so far!

Kristen said...

I love your beginning! I'm so glad that you like the shine sport because I'm planning to use that too, once I've worked out my own color problems.

I love the color. Is it ok for a boy? Impossible question really, isn't it. If you asked my husband, he'd probably say no, because 98.5% of the colors in existence are questionable for a boy! I think it's ok though, if that helps!

The sweater looks beautiful so far. Nice knitting!

traciveek said...

wow! that looks great. i'm hoping to get to this pattern once i have my first baby hoodie knit up. i'm still pretty new to knitting, but i just love it!
i figured i'd start out a little more simple so i'm doing the hoodie ali mentions in her posts. (i'm using Blue Sky's organic cotton in willow-simply fab!) i'm going 'gender neutral' for this one too. i'll probably keep it for if/when i have another baby and i am really in like with the sage-y green color--too cute!
keep up the good work. and the color is very 'either...or...' i wouldn't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

ok. I have a stupid question reg. the pattern chart.
What does mean by "no stitch"? That grey square on the chart...! Does that mean I supposed to ignore it or slip it???
Pls help!!

Angela said...

To the anonymous poster...

When it says no stitch on the chart, it means that you're working the chart over 15 stitches instead of the 16 as usual because of the decreases from the previous row. Just pretend that square in not there and proceed with the next stitch. I hope that is not too confusing.

Kim said...

I just found this KAL, although I've just finished 2 sweaters. I found it was easy to use one counter for both the buttonholes and the pattern if I started counting row 1 at the first buttonhole. Then the pattern rows 1-10 were the last digit (0 for 10) and the buttonholes were on the rows following rows divisible by 12. I also used shine sport and it washed up beautifully.

I have a blog at although I haven't posted final pictures yet.