Thursday, March 8, 2007

All Done

Finally, I am all finished with my Pea Pod Set.

I enjoyed this pattern even more the second time around, which is pretty rare for me. I think it's a real testament to how great this pattern is.

Here's a gratuitous close up on the lace and buttons.

And here it is all wrapped up and ready to be given.

I've had such a great time with this KAL. Thank you all so much. I don't have any immediate baby knitting plans, but I'll still be dropping by this here KAL to see everybody's progress and cheer you all on.

Happy Knitting!


Angela said...

It looks fantastic. Congrats on finishing!

Marly said...

So jealous! I haven't even started on mine...note to are falling behind and you hate to be in last place. Pick up the slack woman!

Okay, I feel better!


WIP: socks that will never end!

Nicole said...

You rock! It is so cute!! I might have to do that pattern now. Adding to the list of things to make! :)

Christine said...

That sweater looks fabulous. It's on my list of sweaters to knit for my little pea pod. Any difficulties with the pattern?

Valerie said...

Yay!!! Beautifully done. It is a great pattern!

Kristen said...

Jean, you are amazing. You just keep whipping out beautiful things! I'm sure the gift was appreciated!

laptitelili said...

The buttons are so cute! Very well done :-)