Thursday, January 25, 2007

party starty

Have a pea in the pod? Know someone who has a pea in the pod? Are you overcome by the irresistible urge to knit a sweater for a little sweetpea? I know I am. Marly, Kristen and I think we need our own little knitalong to help get this proposed sweater off the drawing board and onto the babe!

Marly and I had a ME-TOO-moment when we both realized we were intending to knit the ever-so-adorable Pea Pod Baby Set from Kate Gilbert (published online by Interweave Press). And Kristen, bless her, has a pea in the pod, due in April! So here we are, ready to whip up some loopy love for some special babies.

Anyone out there keen on joining in? You can sign up anytime during the KAL. We'll go for (what else?) 9 months--winding up November 15. We'll have some trimester contests and prizes, and maybe some random events to keep things interesting.

We have a few great baby sweater patterns over there on the sidebar (let us know if you have any suggestions for the list). Email us if you'd like to join, then grab a button (save to your computer, please), pick a sweater--and let's go!


pam said...

I absolutely love this sweater. The pattern is no longer available at Interweave Knits. Would anyone be able to share the Pea Pod pattern with me?

Alaskaknitwit said...

I too love the Pea Pod Baby Set and would like the pattern of the sweater to knit for my new grandson. Where can I find the instructions?