Sunday, January 28, 2007


Hi all, including joiners that I hope we soon have! I'm so excited to knit for my little pea. He is due on tax day, which is coming up soon when you think of taxes, and is forever away when you're in the third trimester on a restricted diet! Nevertheless, I don't have much time to knit my little one his sweater.

My still-podded pea remains un-named. But as engineering projects, computers, and movies have working titles that aren't final, we are currently using the project name Orion. Valerie has given us some great pattern options already!

I recently finished knitting a sweater for my sister's baby. It took me a month just to pick a pattern and yarn. Then, after finishing the back, left front, and half of the right front, I decided it wasn't what I wanted to do. I started over again with yarn from my stash, and knit Maggie Righetti's Dumb Baby Sweater.

I also knit a bunny to match with the last scraps of yarn.

Now, I have to pick again! I love that pinwheel sweater, but somehow I don't think my husband would let our boy wear it. I'm going with the Cardigan for Merry.! It is beautiful! Now, about yarns. I would like something with good stich definition, and washable. Has anyone used Rowan's wool-cotton? I've been wanting to try it. Happy Knitting!

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Ruthe said...

Hello, I just found your website. I love the blue Peapod sweater. Where can I find the instructions, please. I've done lots of baby knitting. I work in a school, and we have had at least twenty babies over the past few years. I knit up a hat or booties or some such for every one. Now I have a brand new granddaughter of my own!