Thursday, March 29, 2007

Misison Accomplished- 1st Sleeve Done!

Well, I managed to get that 1st sleeve done, a few minutes here and a few minutes there, in a little over 24 hours. It was a delightful little distraction on my busy Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon. I'm loving the color combo- my flash didn't ruin it too terribly much, but it is just a bit more delightful in person!
I'm a notoriously tight knitter so I was a little nervous about gauge, thinking I might end up needing to go up a needle size (or 2...) but I ended up almost exactly on if I just concentrated on relaxing and loosening up. Who was it that said she had to go down to size 2's? She must be quite a loose knitter... must be nice to be that relaxed, LOL! I don't think I could make gauge for this sweater on size 2's no matter how hard I tried...
Anyway, the sleeve was fun, I'm anxious to get to the rest of it, but as I mentioned on my blog, work before play... and I'm not getting paid for this one! So I'd better get some work done, eh? Then I can get back to the second sleeve, hopefully this afternoon...
Happy knitting,

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I finished Eve's sweater!!! YIPPEE!!!!! It will be a long time before I attempt another sweater on size 3 needles! LOL Here are some pics. I re did the collar 3 times, before I figured It wasn't going to get better. I do love the way it looks on.

I was also able to get some more work done on Anouk. I am just about to start the neck shaping on what will be the back of the pinafore dress. I am working on the Anouk I am making for Eve right now, but I also am going to make one in pastel colors for my niece in progress Gabriella. She is due in June. There is a family baby shower for my sister in law this weekend and since her Anouk isn't even cast on I think I am going to make some booties and sew a little kitty doll. I'll post some pictures when I finish them. The other perk for going to the shower is that the 5 hour drive to get there (and back) will be great knitting time!! Thank goodness for non drowsy Dramamine!

Got Yarn, Getting Ready to Knit!

Okay, I got me some yarn, now I need to find me some time! There won't be much for the next 48 hours but I'll see what I can squeeze in...
I'll start with casting on a sleeve and work that up as my gauge swatch. You'll notice 2 yarn colors- I was googling and checking out the many blogged finished Pea Pod sweaters and came across an adorable one done with a contrasting edging. I loved it, but neglected to bookmark it... and my search today ended before I came across it again... anyway, I'm going for it!
My colors are called Grape and Avocado, and the yarn is Blue Sky's Sport Weight 100% alpaca. Did you know that alpaca fibers are 2 times warmer than wool and 7 times stronger?! I came across that tidbit of info when reading about raising a little livestock on a little hobby farm... so there ya go.
I have way too much to do before heading out in a couple of hours, but I'm hoping to just cast on my sleeve... then I'll feel like I've really started...
Happy knitting,

Friday, March 23, 2007

I have been making such a slow start on my baby sweater. It's great to watch all of your progress, however. I finally got my KnitPicks Shine Sport in sand, and the color wasn't what I expected. I showed it to my husband, and he said, "That's a girl color." How can a brown shade be a girl color? It wasn't what I wanted either, though: too coppery. Anyway, I swatched some, and got guage with size 2 needles, so I ordered more (or Valerie ordered for me, thank you!) in the color willow. Now it's just more waiting. Of course, all of my other knitting is waiting too! I hope to at least have a cast on edge to show soon! Am I crazy to knit a sweater on size 2s? I think I need to start with something bigger gauge...and for summer!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Baby Hoodie

For those of you that are interested (especially Nicole...), if your local yarn shop doesn't carry this pattern, or doesn't carry Blue Sky Alpacas period, you should first direct them to contact Sylvia and open an account... then you could order the pattern and/or the super soft cotton yarn from kpixie online.
It's a super simple and fast knit- no real shaping, toddlers and babies don't need set-in sleeves...
It's not a freebie, but they only run $4, so it won't break the bank. And just think, you'd have a picture of my very own toddler... she loved playing with those daisies! Oh, and the snacks, a good photo shoot has snacks- keeps us from getting cranky...
Happy knitting,

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finally Started

Hi Everyone! I finally started by Pea Pod sweater this week. Check out the progress:

I really like this pattern, although it is a challenge to keep track of where I'm working on the chart, and at the same time track my rows for button holes. It's nice that the lace pattern is only over 15 stitches, so I only really need to concentrate for a few minutes on each row. I love the Knit Picks Shine Sport, and the way it knits up. The stitch definition is pretty nice, and the yarn is so soft. I am beginning to worry about the color though. Do you think it's too girly if the baby turns out to be a nephew instead of a niece? I'd love to get some input. My husband has not been helpful in trying to decide.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Striped Baby Hoodie

I meant to link that- the pattern I used was the new Baby Hoodie, designed by Bobbi Intveld for Blue Sky Alpacas. If you check out the pattern- that's my toddler modeling!
I'm just starting work on another one now. I'm going for more brights with the stripes this time, should be a fun one!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hi Ladies!

I'm new here... just joined up and am getting pumped to start the Pea Pod set for my little sweet pea! I'm still trying ot decide on a color, but I thought I'd stop by and introduce myself-

I'm ali, and I'm a yarn addict. Admitting it is half the battle, right? Anyway, I've been knitting for a few years now and the obsession has only grown for me- I knit, I design, I tech edit, I knit some more... oh, and now I blog...

Well, I'll get to posting Pea Pod progress once there is progress to post- in the meantime, in between time, here's a recent finished object for my wee one-
till next time,

Thursday, March 8, 2007

All Done

Finally, I am all finished with my Pea Pod Set.

I enjoyed this pattern even more the second time around, which is pretty rare for me. I think it's a real testament to how great this pattern is.

Here's a gratuitous close up on the lace and buttons.

And here it is all wrapped up and ready to be given.

I've had such a great time with this KAL. Thank you all so much. I don't have any immediate baby knitting plans, but I'll still be dropping by this here KAL to see everybody's progress and cheer you all on.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Okay, this will be picture heavy! I am plugging along on the sweater that needs to be done for my daughters birthday in 2 weeks. I made a rookie mistake and am making a sweater on a size 3 needle. I am bored out of my mind doing what seems like miles of stockinette. I was excited about this pattern, because it is knit in one piece, so I could avoid some seaming. I would give anything for seaming at this point!! Here is the sweater so far:

Here are a couple of baby gifts I did this week. Both were really quick and I love the result. I think this might be my new standard baby shower gift!

Last but not least Anouk. I am grounded from working on it right now (I HAVE to finish that sweater) but I think it will be a quick knit. This is from when I cast on.