Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I finished Eve's sweater!!! YIPPEE!!!!! It will be a long time before I attempt another sweater on size 3 needles! LOL Here are some pics. I re did the collar 3 times, before I figured It wasn't going to get better. I do love the way it looks on.

I was also able to get some more work done on Anouk. I am just about to start the neck shaping on what will be the back of the pinafore dress. I am working on the Anouk I am making for Eve right now, but I also am going to make one in pastel colors for my niece in progress Gabriella. She is due in June. There is a family baby shower for my sister in law this weekend and since her Anouk isn't even cast on I think I am going to make some booties and sew a little kitty doll. I'll post some pictures when I finish them. The other perk for going to the shower is that the 5 hour drive to get there (and back) will be great knitting time!! Thank goodness for non drowsy Dramamine!


Jean said...

Congratulations! It came out sooo adorable!

ali said...

Way to go! That finished sweater looks wonderful. And have fun with your Anouks!
Happy knitting,

Valerie said...

It's beautiful!

Nicole said...

Thank you!!! After seeing all the adorable pea pods, I might have to tackle that too!! :)

laptitelili said...

Oh! I love this sweater!