Friday, March 16, 2007

Striped Baby Hoodie

I meant to link that- the pattern I used was the new Baby Hoodie, designed by Bobbi Intveld for Blue Sky Alpacas. If you check out the pattern- that's my toddler modeling!
I'm just starting work on another one now. I'm going for more brights with the stripes this time, should be a fun one!


traci said...

i've got to get going on something other than garter ridge scarfs...although, i am very good at it now! LOL!


Nicole said...

Okay, so I click on the link I see the pic and the materials etc, but how can you get the pattern?? I want to buy it!! I want to feel that cotton yarn! I will have to call the 2 lys that stock blue sky to see if they carry it!