Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Baby Hoodie

For those of you that are interested (especially Nicole...), if your local yarn shop doesn't carry this pattern, or doesn't carry Blue Sky Alpacas period, you should first direct them to contact Sylvia and open an account... then you could order the pattern and/or the super soft cotton yarn from kpixie online.
It's a super simple and fast knit- no real shaping, toddlers and babies don't need set-in sleeves...
It's not a freebie, but they only run $4, so it won't break the bank. And just think, you'd have a picture of my very own toddler... she loved playing with those daisies! Oh, and the snacks, a good photo shoot has snacks- keeps us from getting cranky...
Happy knitting,


Kristen said...

Thanks for the info on how to get that pattern. What beautiful kids you have! How fun to have them in print so much!

And here's my real question; how do you find time to knit with all of them? I haven't picked up my needles in literally days, and my fourth is due in 3 weeks.

traciveek said...

i can attest to the extreme ease and cuteness this pattern is. (maybe they'll link to it for the KAL for us newbies!)

i'm working on it with Blue Sky's organic cotton in willow (sorry no stripes for me...yet) and i don't want to put it down it's so soft!
great, fun pattern!

ali said...

Oh, I definitely have days with no needles in hand... but I also have days when things go smoothly and I knit while they play... I also stay up after they go to bed and knit during 'my time'!
Don't worry, more kids doesn't have to equal less knitting- and it's a good thing, for more kids means more little heads and hands and bodies to knit for!
happy knitting,

Nicole said...

THANK YOU!!! I am so excited! I have been grounded from the yarn store, so I haven't gone to the store I know carries blue sky. I will go this week! I want to knit this for both my girls....though Aurora is bigger than the specified pattern, but i should be able to improvise!