Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Got Yarn, Getting Ready to Knit!

Okay, I got me some yarn, now I need to find me some time! There won't be much for the next 48 hours but I'll see what I can squeeze in...
I'll start with casting on a sleeve and work that up as my gauge swatch. You'll notice 2 yarn colors- I was googling and checking out the many blogged finished Pea Pod sweaters and came across an adorable one done with a contrasting edging. I loved it, but neglected to bookmark it... and my search today ended before I came across it again... anyway, I'm going for it!
My colors are called Grape and Avocado, and the yarn is Blue Sky's Sport Weight 100% alpaca. Did you know that alpaca fibers are 2 times warmer than wool and 7 times stronger?! I came across that tidbit of info when reading about raising a little livestock on a little hobby farm... so there ya go.
I have way too much to do before heading out in a couple of hours, but I'm hoping to just cast on my sleeve... then I'll feel like I've really started...
Happy knitting,


Marly said...

that is just beautiful! LOVE the colors!


Jean said...

A contrasting edge is a great idea! I can't wait to see your progress!