Monday, February 26, 2007

this is it, really

Look, ladies. Just look at this yarn. This is why I knit. Ahhhh. I think you all know what I mean. Yes, I have finally found my yarn for this KAL. I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything since the beginning, but I've been struggling with yarn. This is the answer to all my problems. It's Sublime Extrafine Merino Wool DK--so soft with perfect colors and machine washable. Yahooooo! I've also finally worked out the kinks in the design that I've been working on. I'm calling it Sweet Pea, since that's what I call my little sweetie Paige. The sweet pea is also the flower of my birth month and it just seems to fit nicely with the whole Pea Pod thing.

I printed out a bunch of knitting graph paper, taped it together, and charted out the whole sweater. It made decreases and stitch counts so much easier to figure out. I highly recommend charting out written patterns if any of you are like me and need to have a picture in your head of what you're trying to knit. I googled "knitting graph paper" and my favorite of the sites that I found is this one with actual size graph paper.

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Jean said...

Mmmmmmm....Love those colors! I can't wait to see them knit up in your design. Thank you for the graph paper link. I've bookmarked it for future reference.