Saturday, February 10, 2007

Can I join too???

Hello!! My name is Nicole. Mom to two sweet little girls (4 and almost 2) and aunt to a never ending supply of nieces and nephews! I learned to knit in September after being inspired by the amazing woman who posted before me. Kim is my best friend and I will never be able to thank her enough for bringing knitting into my life. Plus she is just plain fun to be with!! :)

Now for the knitting!! I have recently made 2 hat and bootie sets for friends having babies. One uses the hat from the pea pod baby set and I modified a bootie pattern to use the same rib as the hat. I have at least one more to do. I also am expecting a new niece in June and am making her the anouk that Kim showed you. I will also be making an anouk for my almost 2 year old daughter, Eve. And last but not least (come to think of it is should be first) I am working on a cardigan for Eve's birthday next month. It is a pattern out of the Filatura Di Crosa Baby book and I am using Rowan Classic Cashsoft Baby DK. I don't have any pics of the sweater yet. I'll post some later.

Thank you all for letting me join! Baby things are my favorite, possible because of the relatively quick gratification!! It will be fun to be inspired by all of you as well.


Valerie said...

Hi Nicole! Your projects sound great. Thanks for showing off your hats and booties--Well done!

Like I said to Kim, I think Anouk is such a great choice. I can't wait to see how yours shapes up.

Marly said...

Hello Nicole, so nice to have you!

So great that you have already made a portion of the peapod if I have questions I know who I can ask :-)


Nicole said...

I have a question for you do I add the button to my blog?? I am not very blog savvy yet. :)

Kristen said...

I know I'm slow replying, but welcome! I love seeing the knits you've done already. The peapod booties are great. I wonder how many of us will end up knitting "Anouk"?