Friday, February 9, 2007

Pod People

Kristen, Marly, I'd like to introduce you to the lovely people who emailed me in the past week, asking to join the Pod! As you will see, they are a diverse and talented group. Wahoo! We have company! I know you already introduced yourselves, but I have a few things to add...

Everyone, this is Kristen. I first met her about 17 years ago on a seniors' (that would be high school seniors) trip to a nearby university. She probably doesn't remember it, but I remember thinking that she was a very graceful person. Kristen's husband is a major Fantasy/Sci-Fi fan (so's Kristen) and I think it's entirely appropriate that I've been thinking of her expected little one as a Pod Baby. So perhaps then you, Kristen, are a Podder. And if you haven't shaved lately, then you are a Hairy Podder. I know. I should definitely not write things at this time of night.

And this is Marly. I only met Marly a couple of months ago and I have not yet had the privilege of meeting her in real life, but I could tell right off the bat that she is lovely and lots o' fun. What's more, she can knit on a treadmill! Now that's talent.

And I'm Valerie. I like to dream up things to make. Whether or not I actually get them made, that's another matter that we won't address at this time. My intended recipient in this KAL is my 21-month-old whom I fondly refer to as PeeWee. She's a little firecracker and I'm having a hard time resisting the urge to post a picture of her. Can't fight it, so here she is.

I'm so proud of her. She's a cancer survivor and the sweetest, yet toughest little kid I've ever known. I was seriously thinking of doing the Cardigan for Merry first, but I'm having a hard time getting gauge, and I'm apparently not very persistent because I've decided to just forget it and come back to the Pea Pod. Onward!

There. We've made it through that part of the introductions. Your turn. I'd love to hear about who you're knitting for and whatever else you would care to share. I'm so glad you're here! We were starting to think that it would only be the three of us. (Not that I'd mind having a 1:3 chance at that Piddleloop bag. Kristen? Hooo Man.) Okay. I'm stopping now. Really. You know, I have this same problem with leaving embarrassingly long messages on answering machines. Usually in the background you can hear my 13-year-old saying "Mom! Just hang up!"


Marly said...

Val, you totally crack me up!


Jean said...

Hairy Podder! Ha ha ha!

Your little girl and big dog are both beautiful. Thank you for sharing that picture. It's absolutely charming.

Kristen said...

Valerie...I don't remember the trip 17 years ago! Really? I first remember Karen introducing you as another great musician.

So...speaking of pod babies...Do any of you remember (or watch regularly) the movie "The Dark Crystal"? When our first was born, we always used to call her a little Pod Person, because she reminded us of the Pod people on that movie. It all comes together!