Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hi Everybody!!

Hi Everyone! I'm Angela. I have nothing to show for my Pea Pod set yet, but hopefully will soon. I knitted several baby items in 2006, but I am really excited to start this because it is for a member of my family. My new neice or nephew!!

I am waiting on my yarn, which is Knit Picks Shine in Aquamarine. I liked that this yarn was machine washable, and in Southern California, who needs anything heavier than cotton! I can't wait to get started.

By the way, Jean, I love your tip about the buttons, and will definitely use it once I start.


Kristen said...

Hi Angela! It's great to have you join the group! I just order the Knit Picks Shine in Sand for my sweater...we'll have to compare notes!

Nicole said...

Yeah!! More people! BTW I LOVE the crocheted hat on your blog! Your purses are SO cute too!