Friday, February 16, 2007

Almost Done

I'll be at the finish line when I finish the finishing.

The body and sleeves have been blocked. They're dry now, I just haven't un-pinned them yet. I left the shoulder stitches live so I can graft the shoulders instead of seaming them.

The hat came off the needles just hours ago. I still need to block it. I would love to have a round blocking surface. Maybe I should get a nerf ball or something else round I could stick pins in. Has anyone ever done that for a hat?


Valerie said...

Jean! Your knitting is beautiful and the Pea Pod looks fantastic in blue. You are one speedy knitter!

I think using a Nerf ball to block is a great idea.

Nicole said...

It looks amazing!! I am very impressed!

Kim said...

That looks so great Jean! I am doing another Childhood sweater and this time I don't want the side seaming. So, I am adjusting the pattern so that I don't have to do it :) did you put the front on holders after you bound off for the armholes, finish the back, then do the front? This is how I think I will do it, but I just wanted to pick your brain about it ;)

Jean said...

Hi Kim,
The construction of the Pea Pod sweater is really cool. I think you could definitely use the same principle to make your next Childhood without the side seams. Basically, you cast on and work the entire body (back and fronts) in one piece up to the armholes. On the Pea Pod, there isn't any binding off for the armholes because they are drop sleeve style (not set-in). If you were doing set-in sleeves, I suppose you would bind off some stitches. But for the drop sleeves, you simply join new balls of yarn. The pattern tells you to to work the back and fronts separately, leaving the unworked bits on holders, but I just joined the new balls of yarn and continued working the backs and fronts at the same time. It meant that I had three working balls of yarn, but I don't mind. I've had more for intarsia projects and I was happy not to have to fiddle with stitch holders. I actually found it easier this way to keep the rows even and keep track of button hole and button placement. I sure hope this makes sense. Your Childhood is wonderful. Can't wait to see your next one!

Knitcrazy said...

All of your knitting is just so Cute !!!!