Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hi everyone!

Hello there!! I am Kim, mom to 3 little cherubs. Emma passed away when she was 8 months old, S (boy) is 2.5 and A (girl) is 7 mo. It's because of Emma that I learned to knit. Kept me busy after she died. It makes me sad that I never got to knit anything for her. Hopefully there will be yarn and needles in heaven! ;)

I am really excited about this knit along! Right now I am working on a sweater for A. It is the ChildHood pattern from Knitty. I'm using Paton's Merino for the body and Cascade 220 for the sleeves and edging. I have one more sleeve to do, then I can block it and put it together!!! I am so excited! This is the first sweater I've ever done and it really is fun. Probably because it's so small huh? S has asked me to make one for him when I'm done with hers. He wants it black. I think I'll do it charcoal gray and a blue heather (knit from my stash!!!). But, here are pictures of A's sweater.

Yesterday, I got my yarn for Anouk. I have never used the exact yarn that a pattern calls for, but I decided to with this one. When I was pregnant with A, I started to make this dress. I was making it in off white, with pale pink flowers and sage green stems. It was so pretty. I finished the front and started on the back, only to find that my gauge had changed drastically! I was so mad, and my big, angry, pregnant self, declared that dress "dead to me". Well, fast forward to when A was 3 months old and I went to work on it again...she was too big for it to even be a shirt for her. So, I frogged it. Now I am making it for her birthday (June) and am SO excited! However, I can't cast on until I get a few other things done, like her sweater, and a caplet I am making for my Mom. So, hopefully by the end of the month...but it's killing me not to!!!!


Valerie said...

Yay--It's Kim! I love the yarn you're using for ChildHood, and you're so close to finishing! It looks great.

And Anouk?! Excellent choice--Maybe we should call this the Fans-O'-Kate-Gilbert KAL. :) I love her designs.

Kim said...

I totally agree, we'll have to let her know that she has a fan club! :)

Marly said...

Welcome Kim! Glad to see you are taking the rains (spell check) and going with it! I have yet to start the sweater cause I have at least five other things I need to finish. So, I feel your pain with having to wait.


Jean said...

Gosh, Anouk is soooo cute! I'd never seen that before. Of course it's by Kate Gilbert. She's amazing. I think I might be developing a little girl-crush on her. (Not in a weird way, I just think she's an amazing designer.)

Kristen said...

Hi Kim! Welcome to the group! I love what you've knit already and can't wait to see more. Is that childhood sweater finished?

I'm glad to hear about your kids. Being pregnant, just the mention of your little Emma pasing away made me cry. Knitting does keep you sane doesn't it?

jackie said...

kim, it wouldnt be heaven without yarn and needles!