Monday, April 9, 2007

More Progress

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my sweater, especially regarding the color issue. It turned out I was worried for nothing, because when my brother and future sister-in-law went to the doctor to find out the gender of the baby, the doctor told them it was a girl after all. I've really made some progress on my sweater though. I've gotten through the right side. Check it out below:

and a deail shot of the leaf lace and the seed stitch button band:

I'm really excited about the way it is turing out, and can't wait to finish. I think I found some booties that would go great with the ensemble too, and it looks like I will have more than enough yarn left over to make them.



Kim said...

Ooh, that is looking so good!!! My sil just found out she's pregnant...I think that one of these will be finding it's way to my needles soon! :)
Oh, and Nicole made some really sweet booties with the leaf pattern from the sweater on them. Ask her how she did them, they were SO cute with the hat!

Jean said...

It's coming along perfectly! You'll be done before you know it. It's going to be beautiful.

ali said...

It looks great in that yarn! The stitch definition is so clear. Great job so far- have fun with the rest of it.
Happy knitting,