Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What have you been working on?

I know, I know, I was one of the reason's that Valerie started this KAL and I still haven't even started a sweater. So, what have I been working on you ask?

I have been working on the appearance of my blog, bribbing Val to make me some really cool buttons (which she totally did!), recording episodes for my podcast (which is "New and Notable" in the hobbies section of iTunes), and these...

I started them last Thursday night at the Yarn Harlot Book signing and I can't put them down. I will write all about it on my blog so I won't waste space here. But I wanted all of you to know that I am still here, I am still totally planning on making the sweater, and I totally am impressed by all the wonderful things that have already been completed!

So, (call me the cheerleader) keep up the good work! I hope to be posting somthing more Pea-Pod ish soon ;-)



Jean said...

Don't stress, doll, you're among friends. But if you want us to hassle you, er, I mean, give you friendly reminders about the baby sweater, we could do that. For you. As a favor, of course...

Valerie said...

Haha. Jean, you funny, would you extend me the same favor? I could do with some friendly reminders.

I'm going to leave the self-patterning yarn to you, Marly. Your socks look fantastic! I, however, cannot seem to coordinate my guage with the blips of color in the yarn I have and I'm just getting wierd variagated stripes instead of the fair isle-ish look that it's supposed to have. Oh well. I'm not going to fight it. I have other things to maybe a Pea Pod? :)

Yarn Thing said...

You two are so funny! Do any of you feel like the list of things you plan on making just keeps on getting longer? If feels like I have a never ending list of things and I am getting nowhere!

Val, I do, LOVE the self-patterning yarn. Not sure what it is but I love it when I start a new color and I think to myself...oh, look at that...I have to finish this color so I can see what it looks like. As you can tell, that means that I am in a never ending knitting sock mode since the darn sock keeps changing color on me! OH well.

I have so many ideas of what I want to design and make...just not much time.

Man, I am leaving so many LONG messages lately on comments. I have got to stop.