Wednesday, October 3, 2007

PeaPod for Clover

I'm happy to say that I FINALLY finished the Pea Pod Cardigan. I love the color, love how soft it is and I love the lace panel and border edgings. The details truly make this sweater very special.

I knit this adorable sweater for my friend, Julie's granddaughter to be, Clover. Since I have no little babies of my own to knit for, this was the perfect excuse to be able to knit this. (I used the second smallest size.)

I was slightly disappointed in the border chart which, I believe, has a few mistakes in it and took me FOREVER to figure out. (I'm surprised that they haven't corrected the changes yet...or maybe they have and I just couldn't find them.)

If I were to make this sweater over again, I'd try to knit the sleeves in the round and then sew into the armholes OR I would pick up stitches around the armhole for the arm. There was a bit more sewing up than I'm used to. (I really like knitting in the round.) Though, I was very happy with button band and the whole design overall.

This is one of my favorite baby sweaters to knit and I would definitely use this yarn again. (The only drawback is that it's not washable.)

Have a great day! (would love to know what you think!)


Anonymous said...

It's GORGEOUS!!!!!! You are the greatest, Gina!

Clover's Nonni :-)

Kim said...

That is beautiful! I love the color also, just wonderful :)

Cee/Expat knits said...

It's adorable! Great job!

Kelly said...

The Pea Pod cardigan looks great! I am trying to start it but I am having trouble with the bottom rib pattern. Does "no stitch" just mean slip the stitch? And what is meant by "pm" in the last line of the Row 1 directions? Any help you can give is much appreciated.

Valerie said...

Hi Kelly-- The gray square on the rib chart that means "no stitch" is telling you to just skip over that square, because you don't have a stitch there. On row 3, you'll be doing a yarn over (yo) and that will increase your stitch count, so the "no stitch" square goes away because there is now a stitch there from the yarn over. On row 7, there is a knit-2-together that then decreases the stitch count, so on row 8 there's that "no stitch" square again. And "pm" means "place marker".

Let me know if that helped...Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Your peapod set is gorgeous! I just started one for my new niece or nephew to be and am convinced there are errors in the bottom chart - so glad to hear I'm not just going crazy! Also, what is with the wacky "knit third stitch on left needle and leave on needle, k first 2 sts tog, drop all 3 sts" ? I'm quite flumoxed by this one! Any help appreciated, Kimberley


Ficou maravilhoso seu casaquinho!

Ronnie said...

Hi. I love this baby sweater and have been searching for it, with no luck. Would you concider sharing the pattern with me?