Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tulip...almost PeaPod

Oh, my goodness...I've had the yarn for the Pea Pod for months now and keep having the urge to knit some other baby thing first, don't know why. A couple months ago, I knit this for a baby girl of a friend of my sister's.

The wonderful Tulip Cardigan from Dream in Color. I used Knit Picks yarn and needles for all-thinking that although the Dream in Color yarns are luscious and beautiful, I liked the larger variety of color from Knit Picks, whose Swish Superwash is also incredibly soft and superwash merino.

Anyway, I didn't follow the colorways described on the pattern but used my own. I liked the ones I picked and I thought the black really offset the softer colors-having a very slight "stained glass" effect...maybe. What do you think?

Now, although I have millions of projcts I'm currently working on, I think it's about time I started (and finished) my PeaPod set. Don't you think? LOL!

P.S. You can check out some of my other projects and patterns on my blog here: Sleepy Eyes Knitting.


Jenny said...

That is a great sweater! I like your color choices!

Yarn Thing said...

I am in love with that sweater! I simply have to make one!


LinHun Yun said...

this sweater very cute :)

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thank you ..