Sunday, August 17, 2008


This pattern is now available for free download on my blog.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

I have been remiss. I failed to post earlier the fun and success I had with the Presto Chango pattern designed by our very own Valerie, Pea Pod KAL hostess extraordinaire.

I enjoyed this pattern so much, I made three of them!

The top left one was knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton in Nut. The middle right one was knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in Stone. The bottom left one was knit in Suss Bomull in Raisin.

I made an alternate front panel for both the Stone colored one and the Raisin one. However, I only seem to have a picture of the Raisin one, where I used a fish scale lace pattern.

All three of these were made in the smallest size. The only modification I made was on the Raisin one. When it came time to cast on stitches for the sleeves, I used a provisional cast on. Later, instead of binding off the sleeve stitches, I put them on waste yarn. This meant I was able to graft the stitches together for a seamless tube of a sleeve. I really liked the way it came out and will use that modification again in the future.

This is a wonderful pattern. It's a very fun, satisfying knit. And it really impressed the other guests at the baby showers. In addition to the always-fun-to-hear "you made that?!?", people were blown away by the cleverness and practicality of the design. Interchangeable front panels -- a genius way to deal with baby spit up down the front of a sweater. Well done, Valerie. Thank you for the spectacular pattern.

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Monday, November 19, 2007



I recently finished a Mochimochi Land toy for friend of mine who gave birth to a beautiful little girl, I hope she'll like it!

Pattern: Hrumph (Anna Hrachovec)

Yarn: Sunaturelle (La Droguerie)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Someone New to Knit For

I have long enjoyed knitting for babies and now I have my own one on the way!

Baby is due in April. We don't yet know if it's a boy or girl, but we do want to find out. I've not yet started any projects for this little one. I'm feeling like doing some selfish, "me" knitting first. But I'm sure someday soon, the urge to knit for the kid will take hold.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

PeaPod for Clover

I'm happy to say that I FINALLY finished the Pea Pod Cardigan. I love the color, love how soft it is and I love the lace panel and border edgings. The details truly make this sweater very special.

I knit this adorable sweater for my friend, Julie's granddaughter to be, Clover. Since I have no little babies of my own to knit for, this was the perfect excuse to be able to knit this. (I used the second smallest size.)

I was slightly disappointed in the border chart which, I believe, has a few mistakes in it and took me FOREVER to figure out. (I'm surprised that they haven't corrected the changes yet...or maybe they have and I just couldn't find them.)

If I were to make this sweater over again, I'd try to knit the sleeves in the round and then sew into the armholes OR I would pick up stitches around the armhole for the arm. There was a bit more sewing up than I'm used to. (I really like knitting in the round.) Though, I was very happy with button band and the whole design overall.

This is one of my favorite baby sweaters to knit and I would definitely use this yarn again. (The only drawback is that it's not washable.)

Have a great day! (would love to know what you think!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I AM knitting!

I thought I'd share with you all what baby goodies are on my needles! First, is this Sweet Baby Cap. I am really close to finishing it. It may even happen tonight! :D

Next up are some longies for my darling daughter. I've tried several times to do longies, but always get messed up at the legs. Not this time though, I refuse! I'm using some Peace Fleece (don't know the colorway, it was a gift from my sil) for the waistband and cuffs, and Malabrigo Noviembre for the main part of the pants. I love this yarn!!!

And finally....I was traded some yarn today for garden veggies from our very own Val! This is some beautiful organic cotton...time for me to make a Presto for my wee one!

Tulip...almost PeaPod

Oh, my goodness...I've had the yarn for the Pea Pod for months now and keep having the urge to knit some other baby thing first, don't know why. A couple months ago, I knit this for a baby girl of a friend of my sister's.

The wonderful Tulip Cardigan from Dream in Color. I used Knit Picks yarn and needles for all-thinking that although the Dream in Color yarns are luscious and beautiful, I liked the larger variety of color from Knit Picks, whose Swish Superwash is also incredibly soft and superwash merino.

Anyway, I didn't follow the colorways described on the pattern but used my own. I liked the ones I picked and I thought the black really offset the softer colors-having a very slight "stained glass" effect...maybe. What do you think?

Now, although I have millions of projcts I'm currently working on, I think it's about time I started (and finished) my PeaPod set. Don't you think? LOL!

P.S. You can check out some of my other projects and patterns on my blog here: Sleepy Eyes Knitting.